What I learned at yesterday’s transportation discussion…

Yesterday, I attended the transportation discussion over at Galway Bay hosted by the Annapolis Economic Development Corporation. I learned a few things… and since everyone LOVES to have an opinion about parking and traffic, I wanted to share what I learned.

First and foremost, it was FREE entertainment. Seriously folks, if you want to watch real-time, live cheap shots between a city employee and a citizen, attend these things! I’m not going into it, but let’s just say a citizen accused a city employee of being incompetent (shocker, I know!) and then the city employee decided to fire back that he had never been a disgruntled former employee, so he couldn’t relate. Sadly, it didn’t last quite nearly as long as I would have enjoyed, but it made me laugh enough to regret the crunches I did the night before.

Perhaps my favorite was the discussion on the Circulator. It’s this new program of the City’s to ease congestion. It’s free transportation around (down)town. Check it out here. I could be totally off base, but it seems like the City finally got smart and realized that the Naval Academy Athletic Association was making a pretty penny when the city owned lots were sitting empty. They distributed cute little maps (thick card stock and glossy print…) that showed the route. Main Street and West Street. Did I mention that this meeting was at Galway Bay? Yes, as in the Irish pub located on Maryland Avenue. I can tell you not a single person in attendance actually took the circulator to the meeting. Where else does the circulator not go? Eastport. And the City wonders why MRE seceded. (ps-┬áthis is the best video you could ever waste 13 minutes of your day watching!)

I also learned there’s another group out there that “represents” the citizen. ARTMA. I don’t know anything other than what the ringleader espoused, but he says the group advocates on the citizen’s behalf….

Other points worth sharing:

  • Homegirl in front of me checked her voicemail about six times. And she was playing some pretty good games of words with friends. (need to find out where she works)
  • Galway Bay surprisingly has some darn good coffee.
  • One of the panelists arrived late because he couldn’t find any parking.
  • A City (representative) stated there are plenty of parking options currently available. (someone I really respect in the community feels the exact same way)
  • The gentleman involved in the Compromise Street garage wasn’t on the panel as promoted on the EDC’s site. (neither was Chris Stelzig)
  • Our City’s public information officer leaves a lot to be desired.
  • The Visitor’s Center Manager doesn’t know the name of City parks. (this would probably explain why they like to send tourists to restaurants for lunch that only do dinner service)

What I really would like to know is how many people from the City (or some little group funded/supported by the City) that were present walked. Or carpooled. I do know this- I have better luck finding parking during the day than I did yesterday morning.

4 thoughts on “What I learned at yesterday’s transportation discussion…

  1. Wonder how many of them rode bikes?? hahahaa! I’ve never seen city employees risk their lives riding to QWP.

    P.S. it’s the Annapolis Economic Development Corporation (not commission). They are making a concerted effort to attract & grow business in Annapolis. Not that I love all of it (and so true, such meetings are hugely entertaining as well as interesting windows into what goes on behind the scenes) but they are working hard. AEDC events are almost always free and open to the public, so check them out.

  2. Disgruntled former employee…let me guess. Paul Fore! He has been beating that drum for years. He was given a paper pushing job. He was not qualified for it and it was only given to him as a favor to a friend (apparently a mutual friend of Moyer and Fore) of Ellen Moyer, the former mayor. He is no transportation engineer. He will take any chance he can to take a pot shot at the woman (that in and of itself pisses him off) who ultimately fired him from the Transportation Department. I think it has been 8 or 9 years. Last I heard he was a stock clerk in a garden center.

    The primary purpose of the EDC is to spend the $400K that the City gives them annually. Most of it is in salary. They have a great little ticker on their website that says how many businesses they have “saved” and how many have come in. They seem to be missing the one that lists the number of businesses that have left or gone under.

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