Returning to City Council Meetings…

I returned to the halls of 160 Duke of Gloucester tonight for a few things. One, some (big and exciting) things are happening and I need to get back in to the groove, fast! Two, there was a presentation for the new and improved City Dock. Three, some shenanigans going on by my favorite Ward Four Alderman regarding the hiring of high ranking public officials on the agenda. And four, and perhaps the most important, I haven’t blogged this month so I needed something to write about.

Being the second child in my family, let’s start with reason #2: the presentation for an “improved” Annapolis City Dock. A few weeks ago, I received an email asking me to sign a petition. Its sender was CONNECTAnnapolis, a group of community-minded citizens who advocate for a  more cohesive community, through a greater pedestrian and eco-friendly environment in our city. And of course one of the driving forces behind this group is my favorite, @zignatures. The plea had four calls to action: sign the petition; speak at City Council; reserve a green balloon; and/or post on Facebook.

My two take-aways from the email: before the City Council meeting, they were meeting in Eastport. Now don’t get me wrong, I will forever be in love with Eastport. And I’m certainly appreciative that they weren’t gathering at the most phony “pro-Annapolis” establishment in town, but I do find it rather ironic. Because after all, they probably decided against meeting downtown because of the lack of parking. (Let’s just keep things real here.) My other favorite part was the call to reserve a balloon. Yes, a balloon. You can imagine my excitement when I read this! After all, nothing says eco-friendly like a balloon, right? Please tell me someone else finds the humor (and hypocrisy) in this? So when I showed up, I may have peed my pants in excitement (just a wee bit) when I saw all the balloons, full of HELIUM! Yup, that chemical element that we are in shortage of. And THEN, to put the cherry on top, they left their big over sized bags behind… didn’t even so much as throw them away or put ’em in the recycling bins right outside chamber doors. I of course texted my truly green friend who taught me about those who “greenwash” and homegirl didn’t believe me. As I told her, I wish I was creative enough to make this stuff up. So kudos to you, CONNECTAnnapolis, for holding true to your mission. If you read anything I wrote, you’d know I was clearly supportive of the compromise garage, the one that your head-leader-in-charge pretty much single-handedly put the kabash on.

Reason #3 I attended the meeting tonight, well, it was postponed. I’m wondering if my bff Sheila is stuffing more things up her sleeves.

But I did sit through a rather interesting discussion regarding the Office of Elections, or lack thereof. Needless to say, the proposal to rent a space for this use was also postponed. I’m not exactly sure what kind of space they need, but I’m fairly certain I could find them something for less than $40k a year. Nor am I entirely sure how the City vs County thing works for elections, but that may be a fact finding mission for another day. Or not. I CAN tell you, however, that one individual has filed paperwork to run in the next election. The City Attorney didn’t specify the position, nor the individual, but I can only guess! After all, I have heard quite a lot of Chatter about different individuals who have their eye on the Ward One seat. And even the Mayor’s (corner) office…

2 thoughts on “Returning to City Council Meetings…

  1. Is ConnectAnnapolis a legitimate organization in the State of Maryland (registered) or are they a 501c3 or 501c6? Let me answer that for you…Nope! Why is anyone taking them seriously when they are nothing more than a supper-club or a play-group for their 3 year old children? If they want to be taken seriously, how about investing some money in the community. Here’s an idea: they can buy the e-cruisers for a month and give everyone free rides around town…oh, right, they don’t have dues nor any fundraising efforts because they are not a real organization, so they can’t!

  2. the most phony “pro-Annapolis” establishment in town…
    ready to defend if you are accepting guest posts (and it’s who I think it is)

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