The Chatter’s Guide to Voting. All you need to know for tomorrow’s primary.

I love election day! Tomorrow, the polls open for the primaries and I can’t wait. I have long argued with friends that they have no right to complain if they don’t exercise their right to vote. If you’re of the type that doesn’t know where you stand, let me shed some light. And vote – it’s a right and a responsibility. Remember, however, that our silly state requires that you are registered with a party to vote in the primary (unless it’s an open primary.) You may only vote in your party’s primary so if you’re registered as an independent, you’re out of luck for tomorrow.

Sadly, there are a few uncontested battles. You can visit the City’s site here and see who all is running. But here’s what you need to know for the contested battles.

D- Josh Cohen

R- Bob O’Shea

Why? Joshy-boy hasn’t exactly been the leader with the biggest pair over the last 4 years, but he’s working on it. And the fact that he finally stood up for the City is a good sign. He’s the lesser of the two evils if you ask me. Not in love, but he’ll suffice. And I think he’s a decent leader. Bevin will be a disaster for the City. She reminds me of the bull in a china shop, and quite frankly, her husband refused to pay for a ticket to attend a festival a few years ago. He sorta walked right in like he owned the place. Really rubbed me the wrong way, and sadly, I remember those little things. I haven’t been impressed with her at all. So if you’re a registered D, vote Cohen.
For those registered Republicans, I feel for you. You’re in one of the bluest states in the country. And our City isn’t much different. But having a 29 year-old with nothing more than name recognition as our mayor, will do more damage than anything else. Does Mike really know how to manage a city? I met him once. He was arrogant and dismissed everything I had to say. I’m his peer, and he looked at me as if I knew nothing. Call me crazy, but up until then, I hadn’t seen him on Monday nights over on Duke of Gloucester. Not impressed. And therefore, a vote for O’Shea.

Ward 1
D- Tom McCarthy

As a member of Ward 1, I give Joe Budge credit. He’s responsive and he takes his duties as Alderman seriously. But he’s also arrogant, and I’ve been less than impressed with him from the days of Tri-Rock Annapolis debates. And, his wife is the head of one of the most powerful commissions our City has. I take it back, she probably has more power and control over the Historic District (the City’s crown jewel) than the Mayor. So tell me why, and how, it’s okay for her to be in that position and her husband to be Ward 1 Alderman. HUGE conflict of interest if you ask me and he openly stated that he will NOT recuse himself from votes. He’s in bed with Save Annapolis. And they’re stupid, so by default, Budge needs to budge his way out. Why I like Tom – He’s young. He speaks his mind. He cares about the City. He’s smart. He won’t play the games. He’ll be an effective Alderman for the residents of Ward 1 and will advocate for us. He’ll provide a balance for those who don’t necessarily agree with the Ward 1 Whiners. Vote Tom McCarthy for Ward 1 Alderman.

Ward 2
D- They’re both good as far as I can tell.

Read both their bio’s and I think you’ll be good with either one.

Ward 4
Anyone BUT Sheila Finlayson. We can do an underground movement to write-in on election day. Any takers? PLEASE!!

After tomorrow’s results, I’ll provide a guide to November’s election. But really, for those of you who live in Ward 1 and are registered Democrats, please think. We’re in a mess right now. Bevin was head of the Ward 1 Residents Association before Joe took it over. They’re both fighting improvements to City Dock … they both don’t think anything is wrong with downtown. Do we want them running our City? Tom is a viable candidate. He’s not collecting his pension… and therefore, has a different approach. Josh is slowly making headway. I’ll just chalk it up to the notion that it took him a few years to get his feet warm.  

Polls are open from 7 am – 8 pm. You may find your location here. Go earn your sticker!


Disclaimer. I’m not in love with JoCo as Mayor… And yes, it took Joshy-boy 4 years to open the Market House…. but that’s a topic for another day….

3 thoughts on “The Chatter’s Guide to Voting. All you need to know for tomorrow’s primary.

  1. Dearest Anne,

    Although your writing skills are impeccable, your personality and attitude suck. Please learn how to act like a woman in her 30’s i.e. not such a gigantic douche. Get that pussy laid! Maybe then you’ll learn that no one gives a shit about your crappy gossip girl blog. Also, I hope someone takes a dump in your washing machine.



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