Oh em goodness. Please stay out of our sweet little town.

We’ve seen a lot of comments on message boards and talked to folks around town about the little incident that happened in the Hillman Garage. (If you’re unfamiliar, google Gary Giordano.)  And we found out earlier that they were drinking and filming themselves going at it. But it gets worse. It’s not very often that we express our opinion on this blog, but this stuff is just weird and disturbing… although one male said “hey, if you can pull it off, that’s kinda cool.” No sir, sorry, you’re wrong.

Turns out that the Hillman Garage wasn’t their first stop. Yup, down at City Dock, parked around school buses, they got busy as part of their couch casting portfolio. With their camera on a tripod, they go to it. In plain daylight… with kids walking by the car, they did their thang. And no one stopped or said anything. I’m guessing they didn’t get the attention they were hoping for so they went to the highly trafficked Hillman garage, heavily intoxicated.

Gary and Carol, two old friends who grew up in the same community, attended the same high school… or so their story goes. And when they dressed themselves and got out of the car, Gary apparently proudly introduced himself as the guy who was with the girl who went missing in Aruba. As if he was proud of it… I’ll let you draw your own conclusion on this one. 

I’m not sure about you, but what in the world? I was thinking maybe this lady didn’t know who he was? Although gettin’ it on in the back of a car is a bit tasteless in my humble opinion, I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Nope, apparently that’s not the case. We haven’t been able to confirm if Carol is still married, but if it turns out that she is, ohhhh… the story gets better. We are also still trying to determine if they were planning on spending any money here or not, but we promise that if we do, we’ll let you know. 

Until then, Annapolis gossip girl thinks that we definitely need to tear down Hillman, put green space at City Dock, and build a bright, fancy new garage on Compromise Street. And in the meantime, while the City is buying a slew of signs, can we please add one or two, “no creeps allowed inside City limits” to the list?


Hey, I just met you and this is crazy…

Earlier, we told you we’re going to try and bring some fun and entertainment back to the blog. So to balance out today’s rather heavy post, we want to share with you some details about poor Gary’s incident last Friday.

We do love that people are comparing this to County Executive John Leopold’s discovery of him gettin’ it on in parking lots, but as we mentioned here, APD and County PoPo are quite different.

But we’re here to tell you the gossip the news isn’t reporting. Turns out, Gary and Carol weren’t just getting to know each other on a more intimate level in the back of his black Escalade, but they were also enjoying some tasty adult beverages and working on their portfolio to become the next John Holmes and Jenna Jameson.

Don’t ask me, I’ll never tell. So here’s my number, call me maybe?


Reading between the lines.

Whoa… how crazy have the last few days been? The Mayor is in Vegas attending a conference and it appears our City is falling apart. We have green water in Back Creek, home and car break ins, sexual assaults in alleys, people smoking pot on front porches downtown, and a man considered a person of interest in the disappearance of a woman while on holiday, doing inappropriate things in an Annapolis City garage. (We have our own ideas about what business they were heading to or coming from…)

Add to that a movie being filmed at State Circle in downtown Annapolis and the beginning of USNA Commissioning Week 2012 and you’ve got yourself enough small town craziness to last a while. Good thing our population is less than 40 thousand.

But alas, there are some serious issues going on over near the Safeway on Forest Drive.

To sum it up, the City of Annapolis has plans to put a community garden in a City park next to a City playground. The City owned land is located off Bywater Road and is situated between two neighborhoods: Kingsport of Annapolis, a neo-traditional community that offers coastal living with amenities that include a community pool with terrace, spa pool, and grilling area; fishing dock; putting green and playground areas; walking and biking trails; and Bywater Mutual Homes, a community home to qualified families of low and moderate income (HUD Section 8 and Section 236).

And it’s the end of the world to some residents of the Kingsport community much like it was the end of the world for Chris Stelzig and his followers when the City entertained a proposal to build a parking lot on Compromise Street. But unlike Stelzig, the fine folks who oppose the community garden aren’t PR gurus by day and therefore, are on the opposite end of the spectrum from being a word ninja. Don’t believe me? Check out this article and all the comments below it. (Note- it’s lengthy but full of passion. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.) .

The issue is that a community garden is included in the Capital Improvement Program for the City of Annapolis 2012-2017.  That along with the Market House improvements, road improvements, other park work, city vehicles, building maintenance, water treatment and a whole lot of other really exciting stuff.

The rumor mill tells me a garden was planned for this space all along, and they saw Grow Annapolis as being able to do all the work as opposed to the City. The garden was part of a long term plan for use of the land, along with the trees planted in the last few years. The opponents have also publicly attacked Grow Annapolis and questioned “who” they are at the last City Council meeting. You know, they’re the same group that did all the work for the downtown community garden and the one that works with the schools to create gardens. You can see all the no good they’re up to on their website.

But to clarify, the line item estimates $140,000 for this project. (Not the $170k some are claiming.) Seems like a lot of money to grow tomatoes, right? But if you read closer, you’ll notice that it’s in the design stage so the money will cover all the planning, designing, as well as infrastructure and so on. Accordingly, the document states: Design Stage: includes the development of any environmental documents, legal documents, construction plans and specifications, and a detailed construction budget. 

The proposed project, #378, is included in the long-term capital program. That being said, Many of these projects are subject to more careful scope definition and management review. These projects, generally identified via area plans or other planning activity, will be included in the capital budget in future years, depending on priorities, funding availability, and other considerations. They are listed in no particular order.

And continues on, This project will complete the development of the Kingsport Park, a 3-acre parcel donated as part of the Kingsport residential development. The project will provide a 10-car off-street parking area, pathway, linear field, security lighting, landscaping, and park sign. Recommended budget is approximately $140,000.

No where did I see anything about a chain link fence as some have claimed. They question the parking and say if it’s a community garden, then everyone can walk. Correct, to some degree. What if people from outside the immediate neighboring communities want to come play at the playground? I spent an hour there yesterday observing and there was no place for me to park so I parked illegally and hoped I didn’t get a ticket. What if I wanted to take children to the playground or host a pick up frisbee game on that sprawling piece of green space the opponents talk about? There is no place to park. The opponents have also stated that the Kingsport development “donated” the land to the City. I have interpreted the comments as implying that because it was originally their’s, they should still have control over it. And I’ll stop there after reminding them that the land was deeded to the City by the developer as part of the deal before any home was purchased.

There is so much more to this argument. But Annapolis Chatter has been told we’re too political and we’ve been encouraged to have more gossip focused posts, so we’re going to try and bring some more of that to you. As for the garden- I’ll let you decide for yourself. If you are so inclined, please consider writing and/or calling the Mayor and/or your Alderman and sharing your opinion. Here’s their contact info. I wrote mine and told them about my personal experience with community gardening. And if you’re in favor of seeing a community garden go into this area, please sign this petition. I did that, too.

I think I need to send City Council a post script reminding them that there has not been any indecent exposure down at the garden… yet!

Wowza… but maybe this will deter people from parking in Hillman?

Have you read the article about the Aruba suspect being charged with indecent exposure inside the Hillman garage? I wonder if the lady from Tennessee is really from here…. and why on Earth did they choose to come to Annapolis?

But of course it would happen in the garage…. and it proves my point that even suspected criminals aren’t getting the message about the Circulator and not parking in Hillman.

I know this is crazy, but I feel like Hillman just screams old and yucky… and therefore, it’s okay to be inappropriate in the garage. I know I won’t park there any time soon. Gross.

Anyhow, you can imagine how big my eyes got when the article popped into my inbox.

I don’t even like hand holding… good thing I wasn’t around as I probably would have vomited.

What is our City coming to? More on that later….

Until then, I’m off to observe a few things!

Hate to love the (APD) PoPo Part I.

If you follow this here small town, Annapolis gossip blog on Facebook, you may have noticed a picture we snapped of post-altercation-activity in the lobby of Mariner Bay at the Towne Center the other day. The text we uploaded with the picture referenced the Anne Arundel County Police not being as cool as the APD.

As a friend and I were leaving dinner, we drove past a fight in the lobby of Mariner Bay. Naturally, we stopped to gawk – and we weren’t the only ones. There was a couple filming it so we asked what was going on. They just stared at us. (We believe that if you’re going to film a fight, you’re probably the type that would talk about it, too, but apparently not?) But I digress. We were able to decipher that a 50 something year old man was fighting with an early 30 something year old man after one of them called the other a few colorful names. I wish I could make this up. To add to the chaos, every tenant was trying to take their dog for their night walk. I thought we had a lot of dogs downtown… we got nothin’ on this apartment complex!

And then three County cop cars showed up. We took it as our cue to move, so we circled around to leave the Towne Center and figured we’d get a pic on the way out. Not so much. I will be the first to say I’m not completely up to date on the laws of photographing random activity, but I do know that my cell phone camera gravitates toward police activity. And never once have I been yelled at while being directed to move along. So it begs the question, are you allowed to legally film police activity? I wanted to tell the cops that my hobby was writing a gossip blog so I needed this information. But it reminded me just how great the APD is.

Yes, we love to make fun of them. On the blog. On Facebook. To their faces. But we appreciate what they do… and although sometimes they can be a bit slow responding to things (thank goodness we don’t have real emergencies that often) we appreciate that they  (usually) show respect to the citizens. And we appreciate that they are trying to engage us and keep us informed via their Facebook page or through myAnnapolis, an email information service. So we hope they are able to find the jerk that sexually assaulted the young lady this weekend and increase their presence in the neighborhoods being burglarized.

If they keep up the good work, we may just have to throw a party for them. Complete with lots of donuts. Of course.

No sir (or ma’am.) I will not walk.

Parking is perhaps the number one complaint in this town. And as I listen to different sides,  I start to really wonder just how lazy are we? Don’t get me wrong, I drive to City Hall for City Council meetings and I live maybe a quarter mile away.

This past weekend, I watched people over and over park illegally near the downtown playground, get out and take children across the street to play. Parents complained about children not getting enough exercise over and over at the marathon meeting. Parents talked about the playground being a neighborhood gathering place. I wonder if these are  the parents that signed the Save The Playground petition. They don’t want a parking garage, but they think it’s okay to park illegally so they don’t have to walk? I hope others see the irony.

Last night at City Council, the point was made again that people don’t like to walk.

First, it’s important to understand there’s currently a “moratorium” on events that occur in Downtown Annapolis. That being said, every event that wishes to use City property at City Dock or close roads, must get City Council approval. And the City is a ‘lil behind on permits for such events. (They are now just approving May and June events.) One event on the docket last night was the concert series by the Naval Academy Band.

A nice Chief all decked out in khakis was present to testify. He pleaded with City Council for them not to take away their reserved parking during these events. His argument – some of the instruments are really heavy and essentially, too heavy to carry.

The United States Naval Academy recently spent a pretty penny to build an entrance that is essentially spitting distance to City Dock. You know, the one right there on Prince George and Craig St. by Gibson’s Lodging. Last time I checked on Google Maps, there is ample parking inside the gates of the Naval Academy. And because each member is a member of the United States Navy, they have access to this (free) parking. Most organizations that use City property do not have this privilege. I understand that they don’t necessarily want to carry some of the heavier instruments, but when I want don’t want to carry heavy items long distances, I drop off said heavy items and then go park. Is that asking too much? And if they’re concerned with someone stealing, they can have someone watch it. But I’m not sure how easy stealing a tuba would actually be.

Additionally, at the end of the day, they are members of the United States Navy. I get that they’re musicians and I appreciate that they offer entertainment for folks to enjoy. But the mission of the United States Navy is “to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.”  I really hope they’re never called to combat because if they cannot carry a musical instrument a few hundred feet, I’m not confident they could carry a fellow service member from danger.

And sadly, not a single member of City Council asked that question last night. I’m trying to figure it out… who gets to host events down at City Dock and who doesn’t. Who does City Council question and who do they not? Other events on the docket were:

  • APD 1-Mile Challenge, May 19. No one from APD was present to testify. A few questions were asked about road closures but sadly no doughnut references were made.
  • Greek Festival, May 27. No one was present but the event organizer is a heavy hitter in the City. No questions were asked.
  • Zooma, June 2. No one was present and the organization’s Executive Director lives down the road in Arlington. Quite a few questions were asked.
  • Corvettes on the Bay, June 16. They had about 10 people present and they stayed until the vote. They were questioned quite a bit.
  • USNA Band Concerts, July 24, July 31, Aug. 7, Aug. 14. Just the Chief and he dipped out after he testified. No questions asked.

I’m thinking Annapolis Chatter should host a big Local Gossip Festival at City Dock. We could charge one secret per adult and one parking solution suggestion per child. Attendees won’t be allowed to take the Circulator and we’d encourage attendees to park as close as possible. We’ll need to have all the parking spaces reserved, too. How many questions do you think would be asked? Who’s in?

Why TriRock and other future events will inevitably fail in Annapolis. What say you?

If you read my post taking on the Ward One Resident Association, you know I was supportive of TriRock Annapolis. And I really wanted them to get it right. I wanted the City of Annapolis, the government and the citizens, to see the good in this type of event – I want us to really understand the potential we have to host some kick bootie events. I wanted the organizers to prove they could make good on their promises. And I wanted the downtown Annapolis businesses to profit from this. I’m not associated with any of the above mentioned so I had absolutely nothing to gain, but gosh I wanted it to work!

The main concern among folks was the disruption to traffic and street closures. And so the City sent out an email Thursday afternoon with all the information included. I’ve copied and pasted it here. It clearly states that Prince George St. between Randall and Maryland Ave. will be for residents only, from 2p Friday to 6p Saturday, assuming to accommodate the streets that were closed and cleared. On Friday at 4:45p, no signs had been posted. When I called the City’s office right before 5, (4.58 to be exact) I was very pleasantly surprised that the phone was answered. I figured Friday afternoon, they’d surely be gone. The City employee was quite irritated with my news, but I was shocked when I was told she hadn’t been downtown yet. As the Special Projects Coordinator, you’d think she would have at least been on-site for five minutes considering all the tension and animosity surrounding TriRock.

The signs went up but they only made it less than half way up Prince George St., not even to East St. If there are no signs, non residents will park. And they’ll have a valid argument. I know the parking enforcers work hard… or so many people wouldn’t complain about getting tickets. But somewhere there’s a disconnect.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. Folks didn’t get the memo about no parking and the tow trucks were out at 5a doing their job, clearing the streets and serving as an unsolicited alarm clock at 5:30a on a Saturday for your’s truly. So I decided to capitalize and take a drive through town before roads closed. Where were the competitors parking? Up at the top of West Street? Nope. On Prince George in residents only, King George, and in the Hillman Garage. (Towne Park had employees in that booth at 6a!) I stopped one athlete and asked where the organization told him to park. His response, “wherever we could find a spot or in one of the two garages.” I kid you not. My heart sank.

I sat quietly observing outside the Donner Lot (where the Farmer’s Market takes place) that I assume TriRock paid for. It was half empty and I saw a few spectators with out of state plates pull in to park. I was ecstatic to see the Circulator go by. And then a volunteer drove by and stopped to ask the Police Officer directing traffic asking where the volunteer parking was. She kindly showed me her notice saying there were two places for them to park- an address on Compromise or the Gott’s Garage for $10, which would be reimbursed. Again, pure disappointment. Park Place and Knighton are $5 and the Circulator is free! Create a situation that puts people on the Circulator and make it part of the Annapolis experience. First-hand experience is an excellent marketing opportunity. And  it would have saved the Competitor Group money. But I guess the folks out in San Diego don’t care about that? Maybe this is part of why WORA butt heads with them? Did the City of Annapolis work with the Competitor Group to educate them about the options?

All these thoughts ran through my mind. And then, my personal favorite. A little blue car drove up Prince George in the opposite direction of traffic. The driver was sporting a TriRock jacket and fit all stereotypes of San Diego. He was clearly part of the organization. And he wanted to proceed down the bottom half of Prince George, empty of all cars, and closed to all traffic for the event that he was part of. Oh- and the race had started and bikes were racing full speed down the road. The police officer told him no way was he going down that road. Points for the APD. I was shocked at what seemed to be total arrogance on TriRock’s part that they could violate the law and more importantly, put their racers’ safety in jeopardy.

But TriRock did patronize the businesses on the closed streets. They purchased Sugar Buns from Sugar Buns in the Kitchen and they bought crepes from Sofi’s. And both businesses were extremely busy that morning. They followed through on their promises. People were walking with their plants from the HAF Annual Plant Sale, so it didn’t prohibit the fundraiser.

People came to town. Some stayed and some made a weekend of it. It brought the downtown residents out to the streets. It was fun to watch and its overall impact on the traffic and streets was significantly less than commissioning week and boat show.

We see the potential for Annapolis to be a great location for big time events, but it can never happen until the City gets it together, the residents are kosher with outsiders bringing their money to our town and understand that their lives aren’t really inconvenienced, and the outside organizers can work on their arrogance. And that’s where AnnapolisChatter stands. If you have an opinion, please feel free to contact us or post below!

Best title for this post wins a cool prize

When the folks from Hollywood took over State Circle yesterday, I found myself asking new questions. I think it’s great for the City of Annapolis for this type of exposure. It’s a great source of income for the City, but like everything else, it comes at a price to the citizens. Is it going to deter folks from coming downtown? Or is it going to bring down gawkers? I’m hoping for the latter… and that they come with full wallets.

But I wonder. Does the City have an obligation to let people know? We’ve been given announcement after announcement about the road closures for the TriRock Annapolis tomorrow, which closes streets for six hours. Not days. The City stated it’s up to the organizers, and not the City, to inform the residents. (I thought the City had three public information officers on staff?) This information was distributed in this letter, but Bishop Varney Productions’ distribution didn’t expand very far. (Don’t bother Googling them, they don’t have a website and the address they’re operating out of appears to be recently rented.) The City also stated that all streets are functional for normal use. This picture taken on North Street proves otherwise. Sorry. Additionally, a not-so-polite Annapolis Police Department Officer sat in his car blocking State Circle. (I would have snapped a picture but I’m pretty sure that would NOT have gone so well.)

Park up on West Street and take the Circulator down to avoid the closed roads. You should have plenty of opportunity to see the action and I hear they’ll be out late tonight. Also heard on the streets:

*Sadly, Dame Judi Dench will not be coming to Annapolis.
*They might be filming a scene inside a restaurant up near that area… and it may be shot sometime between Tuesday and Thursday next week.
*It is rumored that the out-of-towners are staying close to downtown in a hotel.

If nothing else, walk by Johnson’s on the Avenue and peer in the window. They totally transformed the inside of the building. Maybe the owners will consider actually renting it after this. (another post to follow about that) Thankfully they didn’t change anything on the outside, or I would have wondered if the HPC had approved it. There’s a lot inside that building… and I hope that the nice people from Hollywood will consider donating it to our community when they pack up and leave town. I’m sure the Lighthouse Shelter, the FoodLink, the Food Bank, or any of the other community organizations, would very much appreciate the generosity. If you’re going to close down parts of our City, please be open to helping out those in need. And Sam, Olivia and Michelle, if you don’t have big plans to leave town for the weekend, you can still buy a ticket to Saturday’s Rock & Roast, benefiting Box of Rain, at the Maritime Museum in Eastport. They’re a great organization that throws a heck of a party and will give you a taste of what Annapolis is like. I may know someone that can sell you a ticket…

Hollywood comes (back) to Annapolis

In high school, Walt Disney came to our school to film some parts of a movie. As students, we were offered the opportunity to be extras. Not really being an academian, I jumped at the opportunity. We missed class AND they paid us. (could explain a few things about my education) I ended up making a few extra bones because I had a speaking role… and after they didn’t include my six word line in the final cut, I gave up on my Hollywood dream. (I never really had that dream, but I was a little bitter.) So when a message came my way last week about a similar opportunity, I politely declined. There was no school to miss and I don’t think they were going to pay. After all, we’re in a recession.

Parts of a movie are being filmed right here in town- at the Annapolis Athletic Club and around the Eastport area. The best part? The PLOT. Had I known the movie was about “a straight-laced pharmacist’s uneventful life spirals out of control when he starts an affair with a trophy wife customer who takes him on a joyride involving sex, drugs and possibly murder” perhaps I would have considered it. Scandal and drama? I don’t really do murder (or drugs) and in fact, if you know me in real life, I don’t really do violence or crazy drunk women who try to fight, but a scandal of a pharmacist’s wife involving sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, sounds like just the thing a gossip blog would be all over. Instead, I’m just all over telling my readers to go check it out… and please bring back any juicy info!

Better Living Through Chemistry is rumored to be here for a few weeks… so if you’re looking for something fun to do or stalk around town, head over to Eastport. According to IMBD, Dame Judi Dench is cast in it. She was my favorite on the list. If someone could guarantee she was in town, I’d go hunt her down for a picture. But I wonder if the others are in town, too?

I know that Kevin Spacey is. Well, he’s staying in Edgewater and driving a black Range Rover, but he wasn’t listed on the casting list. He’s here for a few more months, so I guess there may be two movies being filmed in town? Keep your eyes peeled… and then please share! We could do a whole piece on scandals that occur when Hollywood comes to Annapolis. I have some stories, just need a few more… now go make it happen!

A whole heck of a lot of tidbits.

Last week’s Annapolis City Council meeting ran until 3:30 am. There were quite a few hot topics on the docket and a whole heck of a lot of people came out to speak. A great civics lesson for sure. It’s really encouraging to live in a town where so many people are active, concerned and involved in local government.

As you can imagine- there was a TON discussed. In short, the Council voted yes to the MOU for the garage. I’ve read pieces of Stelzig (he heads up the Save the Playground campaign) threatening legal action to stop the garage if necessary. My google research shows that Stelzig is a PR dude. Wonder if he offered his services for free to Cohen’s reelection campaign next go round in exchange for Cohen changing his vote to no? (Note: these are just questions I ask myself- I have no idea if it’s true.) If you’re part of the Twittersphere, (you should follow us) you may have seen Stelzig referenced as a word ninja. No description could be more accurate. The guy is good… but he still hasn’t convinced the Chatter that the garage should not be built. We’ve kept our ears open and eyes peeled and found out some VERY interesting things about the WORA, the HPC, the HAF, and so on. Another post to follow.

Like many, the Chatter is totally fascinated by this debate and will continue to watch as the drama unfolds. In fact, we received a message from another extremely successful PR genius from inside the Beltway, whom we really admire, that said, “The parking garage is going to make Annapolis more crowded and a more crowded Annapolis makes a more nasty Annapolis and is bad for returning tourism. Also, the parents are the big taxpayers.” I often don’t disagree with this guru since he’s usually spot on and pretty freakin’ smart, but I look forward to explaining all the moving parts of why the garage is actually good, and necessary, long term for the City of Annapolis. That’s how much we support the project.

Council also voted to allow TriRock to happen. And a few days later, a nice little piece arrived on the door telling us to be aware and plan ahead. It’s far more noticeable and informative than any other road closure notice I’ve ever received. The only problem- there are a lot of rental turnovers happening this month so the suckers moving in May 1 don’t know – Welcome to Annapolis!

The last topic of discussion at City Council was testimony about rezoning the the old Fawcett’s building right there at the water. Looks like something was done back in July 2011 so I’m a bit unclear why it’s happening again. Nonetheless, this was very interesting on many, many levels. (Again, another post to follow.) I wonder what tax breaks the building owners received while it has been zoned for maritime use only. This “article,” although not dated, implies that a chain restaurant (Ignite Restaurant Group?) wants to rent the building. We know that a prominent business man in town was approached by Hooters to help facilitate a move to downtown. Only a big chain would be able to afford the rent and make the necessary changes to convert it to a restaurant. Is this what we want? Agree wholeheartedly that something needs to go there, but ask the building owners what they’d charge for rent and then tell us who could afford it.

We also received a message about some discussion over at the mall. Folks inside the trenches were talking about Hooters actually coming to the Westfield Shopping Center. And a Four Season’s Grille (part of Monte Development Restaurant Group) going in where Austin Grille once was. Again, the Chatter is purely subjective news (and gossip in its true form) and we haven’t been able to validate any of these claims. (Because let’s be honest, who really talks to a blogger?) BUT we also heard little whispers from a seriously legitimate source of a restaurant going where Hell Point used to be…

And lastly, we wanted to share something with you. Yesterday, Eye on Annapolis posted a piece about all the things happening this weekend. EoA is an incredible source for information but they did forget one very special and meaningful event. About a month ago we strayed from the gossip in this post. In a beautiful mass yesterday, we said our final goodbyes to a very brave child who fought the most incredible fight. His courage made the front of the Capital and the Patch wrote this piece. He was an amazing child. I hope you’ll join the Aleph Bet Jewish Day School on Sunday, May 6th for their 5k Fun Run/Walk – RUN FOR JOEY – that will benefit the Sudo family. If you can’t participate, please consider a Trail Marker encouraging runners that will later be given to the family. It’s the cost of a decent dinner out in town.

A Jewish school helping out a Catholic family – sounds like the start of a bad joke. But the two are connected via one community organization- the Junior League of Annapolis. In my recent post about the organization, I stated that I feel like I got more out of my involvement than they did out of me. This is one of the lessons- both Joey’s mother and a race organizer are not just members, but also my friends. You can register here for the race.

So unlike all of us and the children of our community, Joey won’t get a chance to play on the downtown playground, whether it remains in its current location, gets rebuilt or gets moved. But Sunday we can come together as a community with our differences aside, and run (or walk) for a child who I know is running with us up above. Who knows, you may just hear some great chatter along the trail…